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Shenzhen RGKNSE Technology Development Co., LTD

        Hin lung brand was established in 2008 to trade sell like hot cakes production research and development is given priority to, the mainland the registered trademark is "lung guest color", is located in shenzhen special economic zone is the most flourishing business street qiang north, including shenzhen lung guest color science and technology development co., LTD., hin lung international control co., LTD. (in 2009 was registered in Hong Kong), the company is committed to new product technology research and development, production and sales, with a wide range of media resources and the sales network. Foreign trade transformation continue accumulated resources and qiang north frontier rich experience in marketing, and foreign trade sell like hot cakes new product update development practice, created a "long guest color RGKNSE" brand of the show.

        2008 - qiang north deep spinning building C block to explore international consumer electronics market, in the financial crisis of the market, the establishment of a foreign trade sales system network, set up their own foreign trade platform independence.
        2009 - in foreign trade development continue to increase the domestic market development, successively in qiang north city longsheng phone sales of foreign trade products sell like hot cakes, put the goods to other markets, looking out digital city, seg communication market, CLP digital city, etc., in order to produce digital peripheral accessories is given priority to, with excellent quality and perfect support services for the market and the customer approval.
        2010 - increases the ten several sales push node, qiang north 365 grid all advertising investment, continue to open microsim adapter (reduction card), microsim cut (shear card device), dual sim card, 4 g steel bracket, game rocker and other products in succession in the consumer electronics, digital field works in the dress.
        2011 - increases the stars BanGongDian square stablished, rgknse.com independent B2C website operation, and in 3 - August develops successively four generation release card series, a total of 13 paragraph 5 generations of bluetooth bracelet, FM antenna pens etc.
        In 2012 RGKNSE continue out of its brand R - SIM, 1 generation manual, 2 generation automatic, three generations and 3 and 4 generation 04.11.08 baseband special version and so successively in Europe and the United States and other market share of the product sales seventy percent share! Create to locate & quot; R - SIM" To the latest and most active steady brand, with time according to the click rate, RON guest color was named the most popular alibaba to give attention to the candidate one of enterprises!
    The development of the company philosophy:
    In cooperation on the basis of common in the win, win in the lung, the public its glorious, and prosperity!
    On the basis of the fusion guest of the color, color of the meaning, the guest the see, for a conspiracy!
    The company's development goal:
    Constantly perfect digital accessories series products, strengthen the sales network management system, sales of relying on quality, quality consolidate innovation, innovation leader tide. Make research and development, production, sales and after-sales service can form more distinct line type development! Out of the better and more stable, more new and original and unique development path.